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  1. What is Solido Finance? Solido Finance is an ecosystem that helps investors manage their decentralized finances. Solido offers a decentralized launchpad for fundraising and an initial DEX offering (IDO) on the Solana ecosystem. In addition, it offers a fully functional decentralized exchange (DEX) for investors to trade cryptocurrencies. Solido incorporates token swap, token staking that Solana projects and investors can utilize. The platform offers lottery giveaways for users to participate & win exciting rewards.

  2. What is the Solido token and how do we identify it? Solido Token is a Solana-based SPL crypto token that we plan to launch for users to stake and use throughout the Solido platform. Solido tokens are represented with a ticker $SIDO and have a token contract address: -----

  3. What is the use of $SIDO tokens? $SIDO token holders can use them almost everywhere on the Solido ecosystem. For example, token holders fulfilling the base $SIDO token staking criteria can participate in the launchpad projects and contribute their part to support upcoming Solana projects. Other than that, investors can use $SIDO tokens to enter liquidity pools, purchase lottery tickets, swap tokens, and do many more things on the Solido platform.

  4. How much is the total token supply of $SIDO ? The total token supply of $SIDO tokens will be 100000000.

  5. When will public sales for $SIDO tokens be held? Solido is currently under the development stage and going through some initial testing to ensure everything works out as desired. The team behind Solido will notify the community about the launch of the Solido platform, $SIDO tokens, and their public sale dates whenever they are finalized.

  6. How many positions will be available in public sale? Depending on the $SIDO token availability and other terms, we may allow up to 3000 spots for the general public to participate in the public sale. The exact information will be shared on Solido Community handle before the sale takes place.

  7. What will be the max cap per user in the public sale and what will be the price of the token? Anyone can participate in public sales held on Solido . However, the platform will limit the users’ spending, which is subject to management’s decision. The Solido Tokens will be priced at $0.065.

  8. How can we contribute to the token sale? Users participating in Solido token sales must use USDC to make their contribution to the project.

  9. How can I participate in a private sale? Members for private sales are selected based on certain platform criteria. As a result, not all users can participate in private sales. However, if you want to know that you are eligible or not, then please contact our sales team here at

  10. Do we need to clear KYC in order to participate in the token sale? Solido is a financial institution to manage your decentralized finances. So, all users participating in any token sale held on the platform need to go through KYC. The platform only allows KYC complete members to participate in tokens sales and trade crypto on the platform.

Still, have doubts or queries? Find answers to the top questions or contact us at

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