User Pool Weight

Solido’s tiered system will help determine the user pool weight for guaranteed token allocation in a fair and decentralized manner.

The tiered system is designed to determine the guaranteed allocation for every participant available in the pool. It’s a fair, decentralized process of determining the pool weight of the allocation for the specific participant.

  • Tier 4: Giga – 49% Pool Weight (75,000 Staked $SIDO OR 64,000 Staked $SIDO -LP)

  • Tier 3: Mega – 29% Pool Weight (50,000 Staked $SIDO OR 44,000 Staked $SIDO -LP)

  • Tier 2: Micro – 14% Pool Weight (26,000 Staked $SIDO OR 22,000 Staked $SIDO -LP)

  • Tier 1: Nano – 8% Pool Weight (14,000 Staked $SIDO OR 12,000 Staked $SIDO -LP)

  • Tier 0: Pico - Custom Pool Weight (2000 Staked $SIDO OR 750 Staked $SIDO -LP) (no guaranteed allocation)

Note: Changes can be made to the staked token requirement for Tier eligibility in the future. The changes will depend on the $SIDO token price.

Post-initial launch, Solido plans to enhance its tiered approach. The improvement is to offer more incentives for long-term Solido supporters.

We are looking to make possible changes in the future to ensure the Solido ecosystem is easily and fairly available to every participant. Our main goal is to tailor the platform for long-term supporters.

Allocation Mathematics

The fund allocations for each tier depending on the pool weight.

All the members of any given tier will have an equal proportion of the entire raise. This is based on the pool weight for a given IDO.

Let’s take an example to understand the mathematics behind it:

Suppose there are 200 Stakers in Nano, 100 Stakers in Micro, 50 Stakers in Mega, & 25 Stakers in Giga. The pool weight (8% base weight) based shares of raise:

  • Nano = (8/8) 200 = 200

  • Micro = (14/8) 100 = 175

  • Mega = (29/8) 50 = 181.25

  • Giga = (49/8) 25 = 153.13


Token Supply = 1,000,000 & Total shares = 709.38

Then, share for each pool = 1,000,000/709.38 = 1409.68

The token allocation for each member in each tier will play out like this,

  • Nano = (8/8) (1409.68/share) = 1409.68

  • Micro = (14/8) (1409.68/share) = 2466.67

  • Mega = (29/8) (1409.68/share) = 5110.09

  • Giga = (49/8) (1409.68/share) = 8634.29

We can represent this mathematically as well. Here’s the amount an individual is given in tokens:

Here’s the amount an individual is given in tokens:


  • i = Individual in a tier

  • n = Total Individual in a tier

  • T = Token Raise for a given IDO project

  • P (i) = Pool Weight multiplier for the individual i belongs to

  • C (i) = Contribution each individual is given in tokens

Governance & Voting System

Governance has a team of prominent members. They have the highest $SIDO tokens staked in the platform.

The higher the $SIDO tokens being staked by the use, the higher the chances of being elected into the Governance team. They’re involved in big decision-making processes and ensure the decisions are implemented at the same time.

They are given the voting power to select IDO projects. It comes through the Solido launchpad program.

The projects are screened and cleared by the Solido team and partners before the government takes over them. Once they have reviewed the IDO project, they reach the conclusion on consensus voting. They also give votes in selecting and rejecting the project to launch.

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