User Flow for Solido Launchpad

Solido establishes a fair and decentralized system for new Solana projects. It’s a great fit to raise liquidity on a tiered-based system.

Steps to Follow to Participate in Solido IDO Token Sale

  • Connect using Solana Wallet

  • Solido Dashboard: Account Information, Staking Information, Reward Information, Airdrop details, Upcoming IDO, User participation IDO pool, Claim tokens, Reports and Statistics, Lottery dock, Token swap dock, Liquidity pool, Notification, customer support …etc.

  • Token Sale Round

    • Round 1 Sale

      • Whitelist (Accepts Platform Terms & Condition)

      • No Whitelist

    • Round 2 Sale

      • Whitelist (Accepts Platform Terms & Condition)

      • No Whitelist

  • Eligible / Not-eligible o Note, User will receive the message on their dashboard about their participation status either Eligible or not.

  • Token Sale: Users may participate through their private wallets by connecting them with the platform. The platform shall run an eligibility check & let eligible wallets to take part in token sale.

  • Deposit your eligible fund.

  • Token Allocation, Distribution and Refund.

  • Allocated token will be funded to user wallet after fulfil the vesting period if any. It is automatic process and user can see its detail on their dashboard under claim token session.

  • Happy Investing!

All the interested participants may take part in the fundraising based on the $SIDO tokens they own.

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